Demo Reel

My Little Monster

*now "My Little Monster"

Animation Reel

Gimble Cube

Animation cycles for an Augmented Reality experience for the company Gimble Cube. Responsible for the animation and building the facial rig.  *Not an in-engine render.

Texture Work

Although the focus of this reel is texturing, I was responsible for the rigging and animation test for the "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" augmented reality project.

Toyota Avalon

Augmented Reality project for Toyota. I was responsible for modeling and texturing the exterior of the car. 

Disney Cars Land

Augmented Reality project for Disney. I was responsible for modeling and texturing the car and all of its upgrages.

Afternoon Delight

My animated short from my art school days. While it is pretty crude from a technical and animation standpoint, it's still a great trip down memory lane. FUN FACT: It has been selected for animation festivals throughout the years.