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With 5 years of animation industry experience, I am an aspiring story artist with a love for film, a passion for storytelling, and a deep desire to entertain. I have provided 2D and 3D art for mobile apps and Augmented Reality experiences, and while enjoyable, the projects always lacked the storytelling element which, ultimately, is what drives my passion for art. I am always looking for new and interesting stories to tell, and my ultimate goal is to one day lead a team of talented story artists.


​When I'm not looking for new stories to tell, I'm tending to my aquarium which houses a unique blend of tropical freshwater inhabitants, collecting vinyl records, and rekindling my love of hockey.

​Want a better understanding of my personality and sensibilities? Check out the video below, which I conceptualized, directed, and starred in as an anniversary gift for my wife. It's 4 minutes and 32 seconds of what I most enjoy doing: not taking myself too seriously.

​For a glimpse at my resume, scroll past the video.


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Cover Girl
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(The song, "Cover Girl", used in this video is owned and copyrighted by Columbia Records. Video created for personal use only.)


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